exactly.me is the first platform that captures and analyzes a customer’s authentic emotion about your company’s products.

your emotions are as unique as your thumbprint.TM

  • what’s your customers’ emotion about your product?

  • Find out real-time with our photopinionTM widget available for both mobile and web.

  • are your customers into your products?

  • or are they really into your products?

  • or maybe they are not

  • or maybe really not

  • in addition to the mobile widgets, we have a web site widget as well

exactly.me delivers real-time + actionable customer emotion analytics not available elsewhere.

available as mobile and web dashboards

why exactly.meTM?
  • 1

    fun and addictive engagement

  • 2

    precise customer emotions

  • 3

    actionable analytics not available elsewhere


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Emotion Analytics as a Service (EAaaS)