exactly.me revolutionizes the way retailers engage with their customers.

Shopping is fundamentally an emotion-driven experience.

Yet most retailers are driven by facts and analytics which don’t take into account a customer’s visceral an emotional connect with their products.

who are we?

exactly.me transforms any retail website and mobile into an exciting next generation customer engagement platform that offers the right product to the right customer at the right time.

what we do?

exactly.me provides retailers increased customer engagement, improved conversion and real emotion-based feedback about their products via a fun and addictive swappable interface.

exactly.me's proprietary photopinionTM technology puts retail customers in control of products and content that is most relevant to them instead of the traditional passive "search & browse" mode.

how we do it?

exactly.me provides retailers the accuracy and relevancy on par with some of the largest tech companies in the world, but without an army of data scientists and data visualization specialists.

exactly.me is pioneering customer emotion analytics about how a customer feels about a retailer's products. (info not available elsewhere).

why does it work?

exactly.me has conducted several successful pilots with thousands of users in many countries which form the basis for the innovative retail solution currently being implemented with our beta customers.

~1.2 million photopinionsTM
return visitors
our VIP beta?

we are currently in VIP beta with a limited number of small to mid-sized retail companies.

it's free to participate, is easy to install and requires little effort...

how can we help you?

exactly.me's proprietary technology helps retailers sell smarter and be more competitive.

immersive and addictive user experience >>
improves customer engagement
photopinionsTM increase relevancy >>
increases customer conversion
emotion analytics about customer "feeling" >>
generates authentic customer feedback

Hey, I’m Jack Wilson, CEO of exactly.me! Call/email me to learn more and to see a presentation of how we can help your company. Or just click on the button below and submit your info. I will be in touch shortly…

phone: 678.644.7109 | email: jack@exactly.me