life is about emotions. captures the power of real emotions in real time to drive competitive advantage.

we are not polling.
we are not social media.
we are the world's first emotographicTM technology company.
we visually capture and analyze people's emotions to provide actionable insights into rapid changes in consumer trends and behavior.

emotions predict consumer behavior.’s emotion analytics depicts how your consumers feel about your products and services in real-time. works.

we have conducted extensive pilots with thousands of users across many countries using our proprietary photopinionTM technology.

~1.2 million engagements
87% millennials and gen x
interactive + immersive user engagement
real-time dashboard
emotion analytics (not available elsewhere)
geo discovery solutions.
our next- generation emotographicTM technology can be applied across multiple verticals. our initial focus is on politics and retail.
political campaigns | POV 20/20TM

politics IS technology today.

POV 20/20TM powered by is the first platform that captures and analyzes a voter’s real emotion in real time.
  • create emotional connections with the voter.
  • drive actionable decisions based on real-time voter swings.
  • identify changing voter sentiments
  • test the campaign effectiveness vs opponents.
retail | retail smarter.TM

shopping is an emotional experience.

retail smarter.TM powered by is the first platform that offers the right product to the right consumer at the right time.
  • engage consumers with personalized product offerings.
  • create meaningful campaigns based on ever- changing consumer tastes.
  • rapidly identify new consumer trends.
psychologists are now convinced that emotions powerfully, predictably and pervasively influence decision making.

our emotographicTM technology is the difference. explore now.